Tom is an expert on the strategic design of new services and features that technology products attempt to offer.

Across his career Tom has been at the forefront of digital strategy having, implemented and advised on a wide variety of models for entrepreneurs and enterprise clients looking to engage in creating digital products. From the Lean Startup, Market Readiness Assessments through to Intrinsic Reward Systems, he has an extensive view on the patterns of what makes products successful and a strong belief that success can be designed.

Tom’s expertise is in navigating the taking of new products and services to market which bears great risks of many kinds. As a Product Strategist, Tom focuses on discovering the risks of each product he engages with. He then executes on validation, design and implementation of features in a way that strategically approaches the costs and difficulties of creating new technology. He has done so across well over a hundred start
ups and a large variety of enterprises.

When Tom isn’t in front of his computer, you’ll find him instead high tailing it up a mountain, especially when he travels to new places. Exploring and sharing in cultures and food on a local level is also one of his favourite things to do. His footprint in the real world however is small compared to his online identity. As a former gamer, a hardcore one at that, he has an eager online community awaiting his return…