Eamon is a specialist in end to end product development. His vast knowledge comes from having worked across the spectrum in the tech industry, from early stage independent game studios establishing project heartbeats, to corporate environments delivering enterprise systems to the government.

Eamon Logue is a specialist in end-to-end product development who has worked across the spectrum in the tech industry. From early-stage startups and independent game studios establishing project heartbeats to corporate environments delivering enterprise-grade systems to governments.

As the Director of Product Management at SixSix, Eamon is our chief product strategist, and is responsible for shaping how our work impacts the customer experience. He coordinates the execution of the inception, design, and development of SixSix technology. Prior to his work at SixSix, Eamon worked at Appster, a Melbourne based software development firm, where he was Lead Product Strategist for mobile and web applications.

Eamon has over 15 years of professional practice, with time spent between game development and technology consulting in both Australia and China, and the technology that Eamon has built has touched the lives of millions of customers world wide.