At SixSix we only do two things really really well:

Product Management
Digital Marketing

Product Management

A great digital strategy is redundant unless the skills required to execute the strategy successfully are employed.

The role and function of a digital product manager is one of the fastest growing skills required in today’s online market.

A digital product manager needs to be able to sit across ALL of the functions required to design, build, test, deploy, sell, and market new digital solutions within a business, and then manage the ongoing evolution of that digital capability.

At SixSix, we have experienced digital product managers that can be utilised by our clients to assist with the formulation and execution of their digital strategy.

We pride ourselves on not just developing a successful digital strategy, but on following through to successful execution and ongoing management.

Digital Marketing

At SixSix our Product Managers have deep expertise in coordinating a vast array of marketing services across brand development, content production, and digital ad distribution.

We also have highly talented in house expertise in digital content production.

We like to say that anyone can capture an image, but we at SixSix tell captivating and engaging stories to your customer. This is our differentiator.

At the heart of any great digital marketing strategy is engaging content that is unique to your business.

Great content not only tells your story and conveys the message, but it can change the way customers engage and consume your products and services. It’s not enough to just take a photo or produce a video and post it to social media… you have to tell a story in a way that captivates your customer and takes them on the journey with you.

This is how you plant your flag in the digital world, and helps your client understand exactly what you are, why they should buy from you instead of your competitor, and what are the features and benefits of your products and services.

At SixSix our creative directors and producers work with you to create your story, and then help you tell that story through the use of videography & photography. We then work with our partner network to ensure that your story is heard and seen across the right digital platforms and online audiences.


Product Management

  • Digital Strategy
  • Product Strategy
  • Product Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Managing development teams
  • Product Training
  • Management and execution of product road maps
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Expertise in Agile Methodologies
  • Design Sprints
  • Mobile & Web Agile Development


  • Marketing strategy
  • Brand development
  • Value proposition creation
  • Creative concepts and execution
  • Digital content concepts & creation
  • Digital ad distribution strategy and execution across Facebook, Instagram & Google
  • Marketing & Sales collateral
  • Physical activations
  • Conversion optimisation